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Areas of responsibility

Akershus County Council's main task is to act as a regional developer in the areas of public transport, road system, climate and environment and culture. The County Council is also responsible for education and welfare services which are inter-municipal or too large for an individual municipality to deliver on its own.

Akershus County Council has regional responsibilities in the following areas:


Akershus County Council provides secondary education for youth between the ages of 16 to 19 years and runs 34 upper secondary schools with more than 20000 students. The county also runs three Guidance and Counselling Service Centers.

As a school authority of Akershus the County Council is responsible for:

  • 34 upper secondary schools with more than 20 000 pupils and more than 3800 teachers
  • 2200 apprentices in vocational training
  • 2 folk high schools
  • Institution tuition, offering primary education for children in hospitals or institutions
  • Prison education for inmates at Ullersmo and Ila prison

More information on applying for upper secondary education in Akershus

The Guidance and Counselling Service Centers comprises of a variety of services:

  • The Pedagogical and Psychological Services (PPT) provide counselling advice on issues related to students with special needs.
  • The Follow-up Service (OT) supports youths that are not engaged in school or training up to the age of 21,
  • The Career Services offers guidance on career opportunities and educational choices.
  • The Adult Education Service organizes advises adults on their rights and opportunities for education in the upper secondary school system. Teaching/training organized for adults shall be adapted to the formal, informal and non-formal competence of the individual learner. You are also to be offered an upper secondary education/training from the level you are currently at.
  • Vocational training service

For more information, see www.veiledningssentrene-akershus.no.

Public transport and county roads

The County Council’s Department of Transport is responsible for transportation planning, county roads, public transport, transport permits and transportation service for the disabled.< p/>

One of the County Council’s main areas of responsibility is to provide public transport to the population of Akershus, as well as providing school transport. Ruter, a jointly owned public transport carrier by Oslo municipality and Akershus County Council, plans, coordinates, orders and markets public transport in Oslo and Akershus. Read more about Ruter.

More information about free school transport.

The Department of Transport is also responsible for the county roads and the road network in Akershus. This work is carried out by The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen), who is responsible for the planning, construction and operation of the county road networks.

Furthermore, the Department of Transport is responsible for the distribution of transport permits, needed to perform transport of goods or people. In addition, disabled people who cannot use public transportation may receive financial support through TT cards to pay for their transport services.

Among the most important long-term planning projects is Oslo Package 3. Oslo Package 3 is an overall plan for the financing of roads and public transport in Oslo and Akershus. The overall goal for Oslo Package 3 is to develop an efficient, safe, accessible and environmentally sustainable transport solution for the metropolitan area. Most of the roads and public transport infrastructure in Oslo and Akershus are financed through Oslo Package 3. The State, City of Oslo and Akershus County Council cooperate on the plan.

Regional planning

Akershus County Council is an active regional developer. An overarching regional plan strategy that states a policy for plans and strategies at all levels (state, county, and municipality) is prepared in cooperation with state, county, local authorities, and organizations.

Each regional plan has a long-term perspective, at least 12 years. The County Council also offers advice and support for the preparation of municipal plans.

Akershus County Council’s current regional plans concern the following topics:

  • Transport in Oslo and Akershus
  • Utilization of land
  • Water management for the Glomma river basin
  • Mass handling management
  • Innovation
  • Trade and service
  • Regional structure and hubs
  • Cultural heritage preservation
  • Physical health and development of art

Business Development and international relations

The resources in this sector are allocated to projects and initiatives undertaken in partnership with municipalities, regional research centres, corporate networks, and other actors in the public and private sector.
Akershus County Council contributes to cooperation between stakeholders and establishes and strengthens areas and networks for collaboration.

Key partners in the work of economic development are:

  • A large part of the projects is being undertaken in collaboration with the City of Oslo. The cooperation is organized within the framework of regional planning for innovation 2016-2025.
  • Business and research institutions of expertise in the region: Ås, Kjeller /Lillestrøm, and Fornebu.
  • Corporate networks and clusters
  • Municipalities and Regional Councils
  • Different public actors in Oslo, Innovation Norway, SIVA and the Research Council of Norway

Dental health Service

Akershus County Councils dental services provide free dental care for priority groups, such as Children and young people up to the age of 18, persons with mental disabilities, prolonged ill, drug abusers, and disabled in institutions, nursing homes, and home care.

Our primary objective is to provide the right help at the right time and make the population able to maintain a good oral health throughout life.

The dental health services have 22 dental clinics in Akershus. The clinics employ dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants.

More about the dental health service i Akershus.


Through planning and support to municipalities, organizations, and institutions the County Council is actively engaged in the county’s cultural scene. The support individual artists, festivals, cultural education programs, the beautifications of roads, libraries and a development program for young filmmakers.

Individual performances by artists, festivals, cultural buildings, and the beautification of roads and buildings are among the initiatives that receive support from the County Council. This web page provides a list of the different types of financial support that we offer.

Through the national education program, The Cultural Rucksack, we promote culture and engage schools, teachers, pupils and parents in cultural experiences, such as film, concerts, theater shows etc.

The County Council runs the County library, a competence center for libraries and schools in Akershus. The library bus is a part of the County library service.

Among our priority projects is Mediefabrikken, which offers guidance and concept development of young filmmakers.

Cultural heritage preservation

The County Council has a paramount responsibility to preserve cultural heritage, cultural environments and cultural landscapes of national and regional value in the county of Akershus.

The County Council’s Department of Cultural Heritage has a regional responsibility to ensure regional cultural heritage is preserved during building processes that relate to protected monuments, buildings, and sights.

The County Council cooperates closely with the government, museums, NGOs, shareholders and businesses in various projects and initiatives that contribute to a boost for the architectural heritage.

In addition, the County Council works to preserve more recent cultural monuments in several ways, through collaboration with voluntary associations, historical societies, and the private sector.

The Cultural Heritage act ensures the preservation of all human activity predating the reformation in 1536. To date, Akershus has 3400 registered protected monuments and sites. This includes object discoveries, such as jewellery and tools, but also monuments and sites such as burial mounds, coal pits, forts etc.

Post-medieval cultural heritage (after 1536) includes old farmsteads from the 1700s, lighthouses, train stations, Bauhaus-style buildings or roads from the 1600s.

Finally, the County Council also works to preserve cultural landscapes. By cultural landscape, we refer to landscapes marked by traces of agriculture, culture, settlement or traffic. The cultural landscape reflects environmental conditions, the social and cultural history that is an important part of our collective identity.

For more information about our projects and plans in the cultural heritage field, please visit our Norwegian web page.

Climate and environment

Akershus County Council has climate and environment responsibilities in the areas of improved water quality, policy for agricultural, forestry and common grazing areas, fish and wildlife management, and facilitation of alternative fuels.
Akershus is already the county in Norway with the highest density of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and has committed itself to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent of the 1990-levels by 2030. Akershus is also an early introducer of hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen refuelling stations.

See our English information video about the County's work in the field of hydrogen energy.

Public health and voluntary work 

The county has an overarching responsibility to promote good public health in Akershus. This includes identifying and monitoring the health status and key determinants of health in the population. We work through partnerships with the county's municipalities, grants, and subsidies. The county also cooperates with and supports a number of NGOs in various fields.

Public health initiatives and funding

Health promotion in high school stimulate schools to an active development that can help to promote a good school environment.

Our strengthening of the school health service contributes to increased availability of school nurse system at secondary schools in Akershus. 

The aim of the County Council development funds is to promote public health through all service areas.  Development funds will is allocated to efforts/projects that have a special focus on innovation, information, and interdisciplinary cooperation. 

The County Council also work for the inclusion of the immigrant population through the allocation of grants to voluntary activity in the community and through a targeted focus on the target audience of health promotion. 


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