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About Akershus county

Akershus is often referred to as "the green belt of Oslo", surrounding the capital both in the west, east and north. Although Akershus has a relatively small geographic area (4,918 square kilometres), is among the largest counties in Norway in terms of population.

Due to its geographical features of surrounding Oslo, the capital of Norway, Akershus holds great contrasts. Its a green, fast growing and diverse region with everything from pleasant coastal areas, agriculture and small cities, to the biggest airport in Scandinavia (Gardermoen) and headquarters of several multinational companies.

In Akershus you find leading high-technology resource centers, research institutions and consulting firms and many other large companies. But, Akershus is also a popular residential area for young families and features agriculture, wildlands, forest and recreational areas, rich natural resources and the coast line along the Oslo Fjord.


The county comprises 4 regions: Follo, Vest, Nedre Romerike og Øvre Romerike, which in turn is partet into 22 municipalities.

Facts and figures

  • Residents: 592,512, which amount’s to 11.4% of Norway’s total population (figures from 01/10/2015). With a population growth of 1,6 % another 200 000 is expected by 2040.
  • Akershus and Oslo has the highest electric vehicle density in the world.
  • 6 citys: Lillestrøms, Sandvika, Ski, Drøbak, Jessheim and Fornebu.
  • 4 regions: Follo, Vest, Nedre Romerike og Øvre Romerike
  • 22 municipalities
  • Land area: 4918 km2 which amount’s to 1,5 % of the total Norwegian land mass.
  • 70% of the land area is covered by forest (3217 km2)
  • Highest point: Fjellsjøkampen in Hurdal, 812 meters above the sea level.
  • About 3000 Lakes and ponds: Øyeren and Hurdalsjøen's is the largest lakes. The south end of Mjøsa is also located in Akershus.
  • Waterways: The most important is Vorma-, Glomma, Halden and Øyern.
  • 8 Major rivers: Nitelva, Leira, Rømua, Andelva, Aarungen Elva, Gjersjøelva, Hølen Elva.

Tourist in Akershus

At Akershus Tourist Board webpages you can find the top 10 attractions in Akershus, recreational sites, events and information about things to do, tips for accommodations and much more.

See what Akershus has to offer in this video:

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