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Priorities and Goals

Akershus County Council has an ambitious goal: That by 2018 87 per cent of our students in upper secondary education will complete their education and pass their examination. Our aim is to offer the best upper secondary education in Scandinavia.

Quality Education in Akershus

In 2014 83, 5 per cent of the students in Akershus completed and passed their upper secondary education. Our students are among the best in the country, but we have not reached our goal yet. Still many students do not complete and pass their education, for various reasons. One of our strategies is called Quality Education in Akershus. This strategy is buillt on a set of principles on how to improve the quality of our teaching and the quality of the teachers' and school leaders' competence.

Read more about Quality Education in Akershus (information in Norwegian).

The VET Promotion

The Vocational Education and Training Promotion (The VET Promotion) is both a national and regional strategy to inspire more students to choose vocational education and training. In Norway both private businesses and publicly owned organizations are in need of employees with a vocational background, as a result of more and more upper secondary students choosing to go on to higher education in universities and university colleges. The goal is to achieve a closer cooperation between schools and businesses, obtain a greater flexibility in vocational education and training and in turn to offer better and more relevant courses.

Read more about the VET Promotion at Government.no.