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Upper secondary education in Akershus

More than 20 000 students receive their upper secondary education in Akershus. The county council owns and runs 34 upper secondary schools in three different regions.

In Norway upper secondary education and training normally consists of three years in school or two years in school and two years in an enterprise. This leads to university admissions certification, vocational competence or basic competence.

Read more about the Norwegian educational system at Utdanningsdirektoratet and about upper secondary education specifically at vilbli.no.

Application deadline

The deadline for applications is 1st March. Applications to upper secondary education in Akershus are submitted through the service vigo.no.

If you are a minority language applicant, i.e. your mother tongue is a language other than Norwegian or Sami, your application for upper secondary education has to be submitted by 1st February.

Find more information regarding minority language applicants at vilbli.no.