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Akershus County Council’s administration consists of the County Administration as well as 45 sub-organisations. Approximately 4800 people are employed by the County Council of Akershus.

The Chief County Executive

The administration is led by the Chief County Executive, currently Mr. Tron Bamrud, who cooperates closely with the county politicians. As Akershus County Council’s top administrative leader his main task is to implement decisions made by the county council and to manage the day-to-day operation of the organisation.

The County Administration

The county administration consists of the following departments and divisions:

  • Department of Upper Secondary Education
  • Department of Transport
  • Department of Planning, Economic Development and Environment
  • Department of Culture and Sports
  • Department of Administration
  • Communications Division
  • Legal Division

The sub-organisations

In addition to the 45 sub-organisations, which includes 34 upper secondary schools and 27 dental clinics, Akershus County Council owns the property enterprise AFK Eiendom and Akershus Kollektivterminaler, the company that owns and runs the terminals for public transport. The County Council is also part owner of the public transport company for Akershus and Oslo, Ruter, and producer of hydroelectric power, Akershus Energi.

This webpage presents an alphabetised list of upper secondary schools in Akershus.