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Akershus County Council has regional responsibilities in the following areas:

Upper secondary education

Akershus Country Council owns and runs 34 upper secondary schools in Akershus County, comprising some 22 000 pupils and 4000 teachers and staff. In addition, we coordinate educational services such as vocational training, adult secondary education, guidance counselling services etc.

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Akershus County Council governs approximately 4400 km of public roads. In addition, the council is an important part in transport and area planning on a regional level. The County Council also owns 40 percent of Ruter ltd., the company managing public transport in Oslo and Akershus. 

Regional planning and development

Business development

Akershus County Council facilitates cooperation between local businesses, and works towards strengthening the region's international business competitiveness. The council cooperates closely with regional research institutions and has founded a regional research fund. The council also enables innovative local entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life, by offering counselling.


Akershus County Council coordinates and supports cultural life and organisations in Akershus, both in terms of networking organisations, financial support and cultural activities. The County Council is part of the Cultural Rucksack, organising cultural activities for schools.   

Cultural heritage

Climate and environment

Akershus County Council is at the forefront of international environmental policy. Together with the City of Oslo the County Council has established a common goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to half of the 1990-level by 2030. A strategy to introduce hydrogen in the transport sector was adopted in 2014, and Akershus is the fifth biggest market for battery electric vehicles (BEV) in the world - first, if population ist taken into account. 

Public health and voluntary organisations

Public dental care

International relations

Akershus County Council is member of several international networks and organisations, such as METREX, ARC and HyER. The goal is to address common issues and to work together to solve common challenges, tasks include efforts to reduce climate change and ensuring the sustainable development of cities and regions. Akershus County Council's international involvement increases the County Council's impact on national authorities as well as that of other European countries.